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Café Majestic Restaurant


At Hotel Majestic we have tantalizing cocktails to quench your thirst and delicious dishes to satisfy your appetite.

If you have a private event, do not hesitate to contact us at Our restaurant and our staff are ready to make your event a success.

Our Café Majestic is an elegant restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of international bites to eat. Complimentary continental breakfast offered daily from 7am to 11am. List restaurant capacity 70-90 people.

Butterfly Lounge

The walls of the Butterfly Lounge, established in 1907, are decorated with a collection of butterflies and insects, filling the bar with a natural touch along with its majestic environment.

We have refreshing cocktails made with fresh fruits, mixes and, sometimes, even smoked. Mixology is our passion: Our goal is to provide you with an something you have not tried before.

Come have a drink and relax in our beautiful lounge.